Civil status

Civil status

Civil status services

The mayor and his deputies are registrars.

As part of this mission, the mayor acts on behalf of the state under the authority of the public prosecutor.

The mayor maintains the official registers, delivers the acts requested by the users, residing or not in the commune, receives the declarations of birth and the recognitions of children, proceeds to the celebration of the marriages, draws up the death certificates and, records the updating of the civil status records according to events modifying the state or the capacity of the persons.

It is responsible for transmitting data on the town to INSEE (National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies).

The registry office is also responsible for the management of the cemetery: concessions, vault sales, supervision of maintenance, keeping burial registers and funeral relations at funerals.

Declaration of birth

Piece requested by the town hall of the place of birth (documents generally transmitted by the maternity to the civil service).

For married parents: the family record book, the birth declaration is made by the midwife, the joint declaration of choice of name (if conditions fulfilled).

For unmarried parents: the parents’ identity cards, the act of recognition before birth if it exists, the family record book if it exists, the joint declaration of choice of name (if conditions are fulfilled).

If there has been no recognition before birth, the father must come and sign the deed at the town hall within 3 days after the birth.

Previous recognition

Unmarried parents may establish before the birth of the child an acknowledgment for the purpose of establishing parentage.
Requested documents: identity card of both parents.


A marriage may be celebrated in the municipality provided that one of the future spouses resides in that commune or that the parents of one of the spouses reside in this commune. The file is to be withdrawn from the civil service of the town hall and must imperatively be completed one month before the wedding celebration.


Information and procedure with the Municipality of residence.


In the event of death in the municipality, the declaration of death is usually made by the funeral services. However, the family can proceed to the declaration with the medical certificate of death, the family record of the deceased.

Applications for civils status records

The registry office of the town hall of Séez can provide civil status records only if they have been established in Séez.

In application of the texts in force, birth certificates can be obtained concerning the applicant, his ascendants, his descendants or his spouse. Only certain public administrations, notaries and lawyers can have access to the civil status documents of a third party.

All the information requested is for the sole addressee of the civil status service of the town hall of Séez and concerns acts of less than 100 years which are issued free of charge. The documents requested will be returned by mail to the applicant’s address.

The requested information is intended for the various departments of the town hall concerned by your comments and / or requests for information. In accordance with the provisions of the law of January 6, 1978, this information will be deleted as soon as it will not be useful to us to answer your request.

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