Local Police

Local Police

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The Municipal Police, under the authority of the local community Mayor, ensure good order, safety and public security. They ensure a real presence in the field complimenting the local Police in serving the population.

Skills :

To note any infractions to the Mayor’s police, the highway code, the penal code, the environmental code, the town planning code, the road codes and the code of public health. They work in coordination with the National Police Service.


Public domain activities

The occupation of the public domain by a private person is conditioned by obtaining an authorisation, issued by the manager of the public domain. This authorisation is issued on a temporary, precarious and revocable basis.
The general secretariat issues the authorisations for the occupation of the public domain in the form of a municipal by-law, and upon a reasoned request from the interested party, filed at least 10 days before. These are the occupations necessary for carrying out external work (eg: restoration, renovation of roofing …) which may affect the pavement and the parking spaces (in a blue zone). For all other types of occupation, it is necessary to directly address the Municipal Services (+33 (0) or the Municipal Police (+33 (0)6.13 .73.40.05).
A form should be taken from the urban planning department or is downloadable below, and it must specify the nature of the occupation, the dimensions concerned, and the period or periods desired.

Reporting dangerous dogs

List of documents required:

  • Identification card of the animal.
  • Birth certificate including it’s pedigree (registration in “Livre des Origines Françaises”).
  • Valid anti-rabies vaccination certificate.
  • Certificate of insurance guaranteeing the civil liability of the owner.
  • Veterinary sterilisation certificate (for the 1st category only).
  • Behavioural evaluation of the dog.
  • Certificate of aptitude after dog training and behaviour.
  • National Identity Card.
Operation peaceful holidays

The OTV is a free service for residents who want to monitor their homes during the holidays. The operation begins each year in June and ends in late September.
Police officers are likely to apprehend anyone who has not been reported by the owner as being at the home during his absence. To benefit from this service, simply go to the Municipal Police or fill out the form on the website.

Vacant house

Terms of obtaining a local certificate or certificate for a vacated house which is empty of any furniture:

Following the receiving of your request by mail, the Municipal Police Service ascertains and recognises the inoccupation of your dwelling (empty of any furniture) in the period between 1st and 31st January.

But also...

The Municipal Police are also in charge of:

  • Supervision of funeral operations
  • General code of local and regional authorities
  • Posters (City Council)
  • School supervision
  • Municipal arrest
  • Regulation of neighbourhood noise
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