Technical services

Technical services

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The Technical Services agents provide a wide range of missions in the municipality:

  • Management of roads, networks and public spaces: maintenance of municipal roads, sidewalks, communal roads, maintenance of the public lighting network, security and cleanliness of public spaces (cleaning, repairs, cold mix, etc.), maintenance of green spaces (clearing, mowing ..) participation in the project of development of public spaces …
  • Snow clearing of 32 km of communal roads, as well as car parks and sidewalks
  • Damage to cross-country ski routes
  • Cemetery management: cleaning, participation in maintenance and expansion work
  • Maintenance of forest tracks and cross-country ski trails
  • Maintenance of communal buildings and facilities: electricity, small masonry, ironwork, interior work …
  • Irrigation network management: cleaning, repair and impoundment of irrigation network operated by the irrigation syndicate
  • Preparation of events and events on the town: assembly of capitals, stands and various materials
  • Repair and maintenance of the municipal machinery park
  • Regarding water networks
  • Maintenance and management of water networks (leak repairs, tank cleaning, maintenance of structures)
  • Maintenance and cleaning of sanitation networks
  • Meter Reading, Subscription Management and Billing
  • Find all the necessary information in the “water and sanitation service” tab

In addition, the technical departments draw up and prepare municipal works projects, monitor construction sites, and act as interlocutors with service providers and companies working with the municipality.


Public reception is by appointment only

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